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173 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

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$800 - $900
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πŸŽ“   0.5mi to Ohio State

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πŸ“ 173 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

πŸŽ“ 0.5mi

Distance to Ohio State

πŸšΆβ€οΈ 8min

EST. Walk to Ohio State

🚲 2min

Est. Bike ride to Ohio State

πŸš— 1min

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University Manors management will take your rent and do nothing in exchange for it. My daughter lives in an older building and we selected her apartment because it has charming features you only find in older buildings and the apartment is spacious. Based on the reviews of so many prior tenants who never get their security deposits back, I photo-documented all the things that were wrong with the apartment before we moved any of my daughter's things in. I took well over 100 photographs and sent a detailed description of all of the issues, along with the photographs, to University Manors right away. I will gladly face them in court if they do not return the full security deposit since we have done nothing but IMPROVE the apartment since taking occupancy. My daughter filed a maintenance request in the first week she lived there. There were significant issues such as bubbling paint that was falling off the window surround with black mold under it, a shower that would not work, a stopped up bathroom sink drain, missing window screens, etc. Thirty five days later, nothing had been done. I contacted the management and the woman I spoke with said, "Well, have you been calling to remind us about the maintenance request?" I told her no, that my daughter had followed THEIR protocol by filling out the maintenance request form. I told her I was going to put the next month's rent into escrow. The maintenance man arrived the next day and did only two of the tasks on the list. While my daughter has lived at 60 E. Norwich, the hallways and laundry room have never been cleaned. The front door lock was broken for over a month. The garage door was broken for a week. She never received the promised remote control for the garage. They could care less about maintenance requests. RUN from any rentals managed by University Manors. They are the very definition of slumlord. I rented from fall 2016 through winter 2017. ...


I lived in the same hours for three years. Each year we had different people move in and out of the house but the company never checked on the status of the house between leases or did not check for damages between each lease. Three years later, after moving out and cleaning the house to the best of our ability we were charged an extra $400 on top of our existing $4000 security deposit. The company charged an absurd $600 dollar cleaning fee after we personally mopped, swept, cleaned the fridges, and the bathrooms. If a company allows people to live there for 3 years without ever checking in on the status of the house, there should be a reasonable expectation that their turnover work will be bigger and that charge should not be put on the tenants. Repainting is turnover. Wood was old and warped the door frames due to age which we were charged for as well. The charged us for missing keyed door knobs which we needed to purchase ourselves, because when we moved in they gave us keyed knobs when we without the keys to the door. They will try to squeeze every penny out of students and set you up for a future charge. We ended up trying to appeal the extra 400, but the company would not budge. Tenants should be warned and this million dollar company has no sympathy for students. We never missed a rent payment, and were more than fair to this company. Watch out for the amount they will charge you. I rented from fall 2014 through summer 2017. ...


Friend's daughter lived in a unit. Horrible nightmare in my opinion. (must put in my opinion for legal reasons.) Owner lied in his bio! Nailed him! STEVE MOBERGER BIO on home page states played for Woody Hayes for 3 of his 4 yrs! He walked-on and I was there and knew him then! He walked on in 1978 (Hayes' LAST YR b4 fired) & Moberger was A JUNIOR. As a SENIOR he still walked on under Bruce. NEVER SAW THE FIELD from my memory AND PER ALL RECORDS INCLUDING MY GAME PROGRAMS & THE OSU ALL TIME LETTERMEN HIS NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST AT ALL. He did not state he lettered, which HE CERTAINLY DID NOT & I DO NOT REMEMBER HIM EVER SETTING FOOT ON THE FIELD. He is from Lima, OH and was a very slow plodder OG when in those days they basically let anyone walk on and stay with the team if they "stuck it out." His best friend Reggie did make it and lettered! I knew them both. There are so many liars in CBus who say they played for Woody it is hilarious. I met another last week in a bar and he is not even in a single program. I have a prog for every year since 1967 in a well organized file. Moberger was a nothing who lasted 2 yrs on the bench with his orange hair and fu Manchu. Nuttin. I rented from winter 2016 through winter 2016. ...


Will provide later. I rented from fall 2015 through summer 2016.


This "company" must be the biggest joke on campus, maybe in Columbus, and Brian R. Grimm is an even bigger joke. First and foremost, a majority of the staff is rude, including the property owner himself. At move in, the house was not prepared. The shower doors were in the tub, there was mold covering the entire bathroom, the medicine cabinet was disgusting (rust and grime), the fridge was missing the seal that allowed it to close, the dryer did not work, the dishwasher did not work, the back screen door had a busted screen...the list goes on. When we put in a request for maintenance, after a month of nothing being done we finally had to issue these people a 30-day notice to remedy. When they finally did fix things, they didn't bother to tell us that people had been in our house without any notice, in fact we still don't know when they entered our home. Finally when it came time to move out we scrubbed the house top to bottom and still got hit with absurd cleaning charges (for cobwebs in the ceilings and the house being "dirty") and the "video footage" they take may as well have been taken using a 2001 Nokia flip phone as one of the employees "narrates the damage" that is not even visible, meaning there is no proof behind their allegations. Also, be warned they will charge you for things you didn't even do to the house (charging us for taking down shelves that were there when we moved in). Protect yourself and your money by taking thorough before and after footage because they WILL steal your money if you do not. The biggest joke of all is they acted like they were doing us a favor by renting to us and taking advantage of college students by brushing off crappy conditions that they themselves would not live in. When we addressed Brian Grimm about the number of issues he was absolutely rude and disrespectful as if he lives in the squalor he rents. If you're considering this leasing agency, find a different one unless you like getting ripped off by people who think college kids are helpless and easy to take advantage of. I rented from summer 2014 through summer 2015. ...


This company is the worst that I have lived with here at Ohio State. If you're thinking about signing a lease with University Manors, don't. We had maintenance people constantly coming into our apartment without prior notification. Also, Brian Grimm, the property owner was very rude and would constantly show up unexpectedly at odd times to show the apartment. The people at the office are not very friendly and also not helpful with anything. We completely got screwed on our security deposit. (we took really good care of our apartment) Rent from Inn-Town Homes or Buckeye Real Estate or just live in university housing. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE OF DEALING WITH BRIAN GRIMM AND UNIVERSITY MANORS!! I rented from fall '07 through summer '08. ...


My building is a tragedy. It's a nice building with decent apartments, but the company, University Manors, so poorly maintains it that it's not worth living here. The staff is generally rude, hostile, and stupid. The property manager, Brian Grimm, is abusive and frankly awful. Maintenance is rare and generally poor, that is if you can get them to agree to fix something. There is no way to contact the company on the weekends, and the emergency number is the property manager's cellphone and is always on voice mail. The rent is far too high for the quality of the company and building, and they routinely raise the rent a ridiculous amount (for me, about $100 over two years), and they insist you re-sign for the next year within three months of a lease's beginning. Routine problems: no hot water, no heat, a dirty building/grounds (this last part is also the fault of tenants who believe the floor of the foyer is a garbage can), a hands-off approach from the property manager (except when you actually reach him and he becomes a verbally abusive bully [especially to girls], no notice given when entering your apartment (especially troubling when things turn up missing and the company shrugs in shoulders in response, etc. Good things: off-street parking (unless you're in a basement apartment, which the office says don't rate parking spaces), and closeness to OSU campus. And that's it. Overall, University Manors is a terrible company and you should avoid renting from them. I rented from fall '06 through winter '08. ...

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