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2226 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

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πŸŽ“   0.4mi to UAB

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πŸ“ 2226 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

πŸŽ“ 0.4mi

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πŸšΆβ€οΈ 6min

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🚲 1min

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The complex looks nice, but the buildings are riddled with poor design and construction. There are leaks and cracked boards and the management and HOA are terrible. I would rather live in a loft in downtown proper. I rented from fall 2017 through fall 2020. ...


This place was great. I lived on the second floor (1BR). I sometimes heard a young girl jumping around in the unit above me but it wasn't that bad. The view is the best and the location is the best. I rented from winter 10 through winter 11.


This was an amazing place to live. Walking distance to shopping etc. The owner of the condo I lived in was amazing and easy to work with. I would recommend to anyone looking for a spacious modern quiet loft.


Pullman Flats is a horrible place to live. me and my boyfriend have put up with so much crap with these people. They completely messed up the entire building. The hardwood floors are not hard wood, we step on them and they bend and bow up. They stain if you spill water on them as well. The huge windows they have LEAK. Im talking huge fountains an inch thick come pouring in when it rains. Talk about building it correctly? There are water stains down the walls (including the concrete walls) from water coming in. The wood on the walkways looks ten years old and is NOT treated wood. Especially being on the top floor with the most exposure to rain and sun the wood looks TERRIBLE!! The elevator DOES NOT work and DOES NOT even have a permit posted in it. NO ONE uses it because were scared we will DIE. the last time i was in that thing it literally jerked down like it was going to fall. The apartment complex is only three stories and yet the elevator takes like 10 years just to get to the bottom. The smoke detectors are on the 20 FOOT CEILINGS so you cannot reach them to change the battery. There is NO fire escape BUT there is a ladder on the outside of the complex so poeple can climb in? nice fire escape huh? THere is no insulation in the walls AT ALL. we can hear our neighbors like they were in our apartment. The electric bill is ridiculous, like over 300 dollars ridiculous. the apartment is only 1500 square feet so it should not be THAT HUGH! We currently have a LAWSUIT against them because of the stress they have caused us and for not building it correctly. There is also BLACK MOLD (which is highly DEADLY) in our laundry room, because they screwed up the piping so whenever we wash clothes it leaks. The black mold is all over the walls in the room. its disgusting. and they say in the contract there NOT LIABLE for mold. you ARE LIABLE for not building it correctly which CAUSES MOLD. The concrete countertops are HORRIBLE!! they chip on our plastic watches!! they have pit holes everywhere and water stains them, yes WATER! They blame everything on our dogs (which pee and poop outside) and say the stains our from our dogs, the windows leaking are from our dogs, and the mold? i mean come on these people are so stupid. we have a covered parking space as well that WE PAID FOR. and guess who parks in our spot? the people who own the complex. we are going to have to tow there car because they do not move it even though we ask them to. They at first had NO TRASH DUMP so we had all of our trash lying on teh ground rotting and finally after like 3 months they put up four crappy wood walls surrounding the trash (not even picking it up). Then after we complained enough times they picked the trash up BUT they left the wooden walls up. Then literally a week ago they added a VERY SMALL trash bin that hardly holds all of our trash and is only picked up once a MONTH! They tore down the wooden walls as well and they just left them on the ground next to the dumpster with nails poking out everywhere. Its bad. The concrete walls on the outside of the building are not sealed like they stated in teh contract. we told them it wasnt sealed and they blew up in our faces saying its not a exposed wall. im like ok exposed wall means exposed to the elements and its on the outside. hmm real smart huh? literally the next day (this is funny) they had workers, wait for it, SEALING THE CONCRETE!!! HAHA! yea and we asked the workers if they were sealing the concrete and they said they're "re-sealing" teh concrete. im like ok if you seal concrete ONE TIME CORRECTLY you shouldnt have to re-seal it. Everytime we try to complain about anything we get told were just kids and we dont know what were talking about. im like im 22, is that a kid? We also get sent threatening letters like twice a week saying in the contract we cant have anything on our front porch or on our back porch? im like its a porch, what is a porch for? you put stuff on porches. so yea were the only ones receiving these letters and everyone esle has more stuff on there porches than us! so now we have a fine of 150$ because we havent removed the items. RIDICULOUS!! Everyone in the complex are having major problems especially us and the other ones on the top level. We are moving to another apartment right now and i PRAY that no one else moves in here. They screwed up on literally everything. I hope this lawsuit gets them for what they did to us and the other tenants. DONT MOVE HERE!!!!!! I rented from summer '07 through summer '07. ...

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