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If I could rate the management any lower I would. They are notorious for cheap skating you and hardly ever do what they say they will do; like make repairs, never call when they bring someone by to show the apartment, make promises they won\'t keep, and just randomly try to move you out two weeks after the semester starts so that they can remodel the apartments. It\'s like being stuck in a really crappy relationship.
The apartment itself and ward were great but the management made staying here completely not worth it. They\'ll try to act nice and helpful at first but will inevitably cheat you out at some point. They tell people who are interested in looking at the apartments that someone from management has to be present for them to look, only because they know that if they weren\'t there, every single person living here would tell them it wasn\'t worth it. So, just a warning. These people are crooked. (They are the same people who manage the Courtside/Yorkshire apartments in Orem, behind UVU)

I rented from fall '10 through spring '11.

I paid monthly rent of $235 during fall/winter.

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