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I moved out of Oakhurst a few months ago. I could never live there again and I would never recommend it to anyone I know. The worst part of the whole experience was the staff. The main woman in the office (Paige) was a horrible person to work with. She was constantly harping on me and my roommates about every little thing. She was the rudest landlord I have ever had. Maybe she just has a thing against single people or something but she was just mean. Sorry, just being honest. The apartments are way way over priced and the pool is closed from the end of August through the winter until the end of June. It's ridiculous. Hot tub never was hot. They watch you and charge you for every little thing they can think of. Most dishonest people I have ever worked with. Just hoping to warn you all, until there is new management, avoid Oakhurst Apartments.

I rented from summer '08 through summer '08.

I paid monthly rent of $1200 during fall/winter for a shared room


I paid monthly rent of $1200 during spring/summer for a shared room

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