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Living here is ok, if you like listening to beer bottles break and bass from cars in the parking lot, until you have a problem. My air conditioner went out in the middle of August and it took them 3 days to come out. I called over and over...even called emergency maintenance and they never came out. By chance, my roommate saw a repair man and asked him about our apartment. He said that a work order was never even filled out for our apartment. When I switched bedrooms, I went to pick up my new keys and they said there was a problem making them so now Im stuck without bedroom keys. When I tried to talk to the office about it, I got the run around again. I was warned about the poor quality of service from the start. Dont let it happen to you!

I rented from fall '06 through summer '08.

I paid monthly rent of $475 during fall/winter for a private room


I paid monthly rent of $485 during spring/summer for a private room

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