La Colina Apartments

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In general this is a nice place to live. When things have needed to be fixed there hasn't been too much trouble getting it done. Everyone that works here seems pretty nice. There is usually not too much problems with noise. There was some running around and screaming in the parking lot when of our neighbors was having a party but not often. My only complaint with the current company is that they closed off the rent drop because they want you to pay on line. This was a pain but once I started doing it I decided I kind of like it. Now I donít have to go to the office and wait if they are with someone to take my check. It is not the newest place in Denton but I would recommend it if you are looking for a good location and price.

I rented from fall '07 through summer '09.

I paid monthly rent of $760 during spring/summer for a private room

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