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The air conditioner went out in the middle of the summer last year and it took several days for maintenance to get around to fixing it. The heat went out in December and again, it took several days for the repairs to be made.

The cold water has never worked properly, but I guess that I'd rather be without cold water than hot water.

This apartment building isn't in a very good area of town so if you are a girl, I definitely wouldn't recommend walking around by yourself at night. This can be especially problematic if you are a student and you have to walk home from class after dark. Even in the daytime, I've had men whistle at me or make crude sexual comments as I walked by or ask if I needed a ride. There is also a lot of crime (drug activity, prostitution, vandalism, etc.) in the area - just check out the Denton police blotter. Some of my neighbors have had their things stolen from the laundry room or have had their cars damaged/broken into.

The apartment walls are very thin and the noise policy is not enforced at all even though the maintenance guy lives on site. Several of the apartment residents have a penchant for blasting loud music (mostly Tejano or rap) at all hours of the day and night with their bass turned all the way up so that the whole building vibrates. It's impossible to tune out, even with the best ear-plugs or noise-reduction headphones. There are a lot of guys who just like to hang out in the parking lot too with their stereos turned all the way up. They also leave their empty beer cans, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers and rotting food scraps everywhere - it's disgusting.

There are a lot of badly-behaved children living in this building whose parents just let them run wild. For example, there is a family on the second floor who allows their boys to ride their bicycles and scooters up and down the narrow upstairs walkways. Not only is this not very safe, it's also very loud (especially for the people living downstairs). Sometimes it sounds like a train is going by overhead. Also, there were two other little boys in the parking lot just the other day throwing rocks. I didn't see them hitting any of the cars, but they were still way too close for comfort. I know that I would be pretty upset if I went out to my car one morning to go to work and I found a fresh dent in the side of it or a newly-cracked windshield.

The towing policy is not enforced at all here. It can be difficult to find a parking spot close to your apartment a lot of times due to all of the visiting cars in the parking lot (this is annoying when you're coming home from the grocery store and have a lot of heavy bags to carry in). Additionally, many of the residents have multiple vehicles. Several people here have broken-down cars that don't run at all and are just taking up valuable parking spaces.

Last, a lot of people have a tendency to leave a lot of junk outside of their apartments (broken toys, car parts, ugly silk flowers that are faded and dry-rotted, bags of trash that they are too lazy to carry to the dumpster, etc.). It makes the whole building look really trashy.

If you're looking for a safe, quiet place to sleep and study, then I would suggest that you look elsewhere. Any place is better than this.

I rented from summer '06 through summer '07.

I paid monthly rent of $500 during fall/winter for a private room


I paid monthly rent of $500 during spring/summer for a private room

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