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Wow, where do I begin. We were told that they only offered 6 MONTH leases. These people give you a 6 month lease, and then when you want to resign a lease they tell you it is 6 months "exactly the same as the first only for the next 6 months" - they wrote it up for 7. True, we should have REREAD everything, but what sort of place tells you 6 months but write up for 7? CROOKS! I asked the manager countless times if that was their common practice, each time she avoided the question by saying "you agreed to it, if you would have said something then we would have changed it".

I recorded the entire conversation so if you want a copy of her criminal practices email me and I will gladly send you a copy via email or on a CD, nocolorhate@yahoo.com.

While we lived here (1 year) our screen door came off the henges 5 times, each time it took them a week to fix it. The dishwasher was a lost cause, the wheels on the bottom rack would fall off everytime you roll it in or out - they called them selves fixing it by popping them back on. 3 of 4 burnerd on the stove worked, but the only large burner was uneven which made using it very tricky, one of the burners only heated in the center.

The complex is old and falling apart. Our toilet was slowly caving into the floor. When we first moved in we complained about it and all they did was add some plywood to the back of it. The hot tub that they advertise does not even heat, it is just a small square pool of cold water. Their 'fitness facility' is a broken stationary bicycle, one weight training machine, a broken stairmaster, and 1 treadmill that can only be used during office hours as you have to have a specia key.

On Saturdays the office is hardly ever open when it is supposed to be. I have sat out there several times waiting for someone as they put up the sign stating "will return at..." but they are not there when posted to be. If they are there you may have to wait as the Saturday girl loves to have her boyfriend in the office.

I could go on and on. These people offer cheap rent, but they use it to take advantage of people in tight financial situations. I would advise you to spend a little more money going somewhere else. If you have any specific question fell free to email me and I will answer them to my best ability.

I rented from winter '07 through winter '08.

I paid monthly rent of $485 during fall/winter for a studio

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