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I have lived at several different apartment complexes and these by far are the worst I have ever lived in. They make all the other places look like the Ritz. I have lived here for 6 months and have already been without water over 10 times. That's not including the times they turned the water off and I was at work! One time I was in the shower and had the water turned off. I had to rinse out my hair with bottle water. They still have yet to fix anything on my repair list. Well I take that back they did put a light bulb in the fridge. They haven't gotten to the exposed wires that are under the kitchen sink where they can get wet or fix the bathroom lock. They installed it backwards so if it happens to get locked and you don't know it you are out of luck and have to break the door down. These are both fire hazards. My advice would be to stay away from this place no matter. I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy.

I rented from summer '07 through summer '08.

I paid monthly rent of $700 during fall/winter for a private room


I paid monthly rent of $700 during spring/summer for a private room

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