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Let me tell you a story. I, a naive first year college student, blindly walk into the leasing office of Longhorn Landing during the summer expecting to seal the deal on my lease for the fall. The agents were very courteous AT FIRST. The first week I moved in, the toilet started to overflow and water went everywhere in the bathroom. I freaked out and went downstairs to tell management, the very same agent who persuaded me to lease, scoffed and told me "that is not the maintenance's job to clean after messes." Mind you, the toilet is still overfilling and quickly spreading to the carpet. I told her this and after 10, yes 10! minutes of her telling me how we need to deal with these problems on our own and they were not liable, she finally sent it to the maintenance guy, he came in a few minutes, fixed it and all was well. UNTIL the very next week, after Austin had been experiencing Seattle-like rain, the ceiling in our restroom started to leak(i live on the top level). It gave off a foul stale odor. At first it was just a light leak, so we contacted the office immediately and they said they would send someone that day... never came. 3 days passed and the leak was now running down the wall, actually stripping the wall, it looked like a raised bubble-like long stream from the ceiling down to the floor. We continued to call them EVERYDAY and each time they said they would send someone.. NEVER HAPPENED. It is a 4/2 apartment, and it was not sanitary for us to use that one, so all 4 of us had to us had to use one, total inconvienance! Turns out they had to ORDER a machine to fix it. Why an apartment complex doesn't have tools to fix a leak is BEYOND ME. 2 WEEKS LATER of calling and after the walls and ceiling was completley water damaged, distraught, smelled, moldy, mildewed, peeling, it was still very very vey damp. They FINALLY send someone and he had to do total reconstruction of the walls. It took them nearly another week to fix it! There was moldy debris everywhere. Point is it was completly avoidable is they had fixed it the first time we called when it first started to leak! No money and time had to be wasted. The restroom now still has that water damages smell because they didnt change the vent cover and the mold is still on the ceiling. Management DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!The gated door is ALWAYS open, anyone can get it, not to mention their gate for cars is always open too. Why even have locks'!'THEIR ROOMMATE MATCHING IS NONEXISTENT! At leasing they let you fill out a matching profile, which I think they just trash as soon as you walk out the door. I am a studious, private, quiet person and I got stuck with 3 black lezzy roommates. Not that there's anything wrong with that, except when they each have girlfriends that live with them, bringing the total to 6 roommates and then little old me. They are incredibly noisy, messy, and like to smoke.. A LOT. I rarely bring any friends over. They deadbolt the door when the smoke and always have people over WITHOUT them being here. I never know who is going to be there when I open the door. I wanted to move out but they charge you a unreasonable fee just to transfer!I absolutley HATE it here, and would not send my worst enemies to spend even a week here! The price is not worth what you have to go through. It is truly the 9th Circle of Hell!!!!!!!!!

I rented from fall '07 through summer '08.

I paid monthly rent of $415 during fall/winter for a private room


I paid monthly rent of $415 during spring/summer for a private room

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