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The complex itself is fairly well kept and the amenities are decent. Compared to other apartments in the area, Lincoln Oaks is competitively priced. That is where the niceness ends and the nightmare begins.

Parking enforcement is as brutal as Roman rule. Bright orange tow notices are passed out like halloween candy. It doesn't matter why your vehicle doesn't meet the management's code - My car's door glass was smashed in by thieves who stole the radio. Within 6 hours I had a tow notice slapped on the remaining glass because the car was now missing a window. After I had the glass repaired I received another tow notice because I had a small perforation in the oil filter that caused about a cupfull of oil to spill. I cleaned the oil up myself and scrubbed the spot clean. I had to move the car to an adjacent area off property to change the oil and filter as this is also prohibited.

During my brief stay at Lincoln Oaks the air conditioning system failed. It took until the second day of scorching heat to get it repaired. The refridgerator died as well, spoiling about $100 worth of groceries inside with no recourse for reimbursement. During the last year of my stay the apartment was infiltrated by ants and small flying insects that looked like termites. Even after repeated sprayings the insects remained.

The complex has become increasingly noisy due to the thin walls and constantly drunken neighbors. Management is unwilling to step in. Vehicular vandalism is rampant and on 2 occasions I called the police to report incidents in the parking lot - One was a fistfight and the other appeared to be an individual stealing a car stereo. Deja vu.

The final insult happens AFTER you move out. Despite spending a week of my own time throughly cleaning the apartment after moveout and doing a walkthrough with a member of management who signed off that the place was spotless, I received a debt collection notice for $150 *2 years* later! In that span of time I was NEVER told of an outstanding balance until the debt collector sent a nasty letter threatening my otherwise impeccable credit rating. Calling Southwest Credit Systems directly results in a threat to put this imagined slight on your credit record unless you agree to pay immediately over the phone for an additional "convenience fee". After calling Lincoln Oaks management I was told that my apartment was left in a deplorable condition and required a professional cleaning. I'm convinced this is a scam perpetuated by professionals - just read the testimonials of other previous residents and you'll see I wasn't the only one.

The title of this critique says it all - Run away. Never sign anything.

I rented from summer '03 through summer '05.

I paid monthly rent of $725 during fall/winter for a private room


I paid monthly rent of $725 during spring/summer for a private room

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