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DON\'T LIVE HERE! I couldn\'t be more dissatisfied with this property, management or the way Northland ran their company and this property. Not one person that works at High Oaks lives on the property because it\'s disgusting, except for one maintenance guy and that\'s because I hear he only pays $25/month. No one would live here if you know what I do. Well here it is...

The current Manager is Wesley D. who use to work at Village Oaks. If you look on Apartmentratings.com at Village Oaks, Austin, TX everything you read about Wesley is completely true. He is the biggest jerk, property Manager any resident could ask for. He could care less for any needs you might have and could care less about any problems you have. If you aren\'t satisfied with how things work then he will just tell you to deal with it or leave. Make sure your apartment is in perfect condition when you leave because he will make sure to charge you for anything and everything once you move out. Like I said read the reviews. While I was there he harassed me and verbally assaulted me when it came to my issues and when I reported him to their HR and the Regional Manager the company took no action against him since he\'s been with the company for so long and basically told him not to do it again from my understanding since they can\'t disclose what they did. He is a worthless human being and a terrible Manager when it comes to customer service and treating resident like their nothing.

The apartments themselves have numerous amounts of problems. The siding on all the buildings are peeling, the patios are crumbling, the bridge has rotten wood which is why it\'s closed, the foundation on the apartments is falling apart, the mailboxes get broken in often, cars get vandalized and broken into on a regular basis, a woman was attacked at the mailbox once, this is not a gated community nor does it have any security on site. THERE IS MOLD IS JUST ABOUT EVERY APARTMENT IF YOU LOOK FOR IT. A woman I knew looked at 3 vacant apartments when she toured and found MOLD in every one of them. To fix the mold problem, maintenance just sprays bleach and paints over the problem. After the huge storm a couple months ago almost every apartment has leaks due to the exterior and age of the buildings. There is a huge pest problem due to all the wooded area surrounding the apartments and you will constantly find animals in your fireplace considering every apartment has one. 95% of the apartments look at look nothing like the model so don\'t be fooled. The cabinets and appliances are old and out dated. They are yellow appliances and from the 80\'s. The other 5% of the apartments are updated.

YEAH RIGHT, DON\'T BELIEVE THAT! Northland states that they have a 48/hr maintenance pledge where any work order you submit will be\" responded\" to within 48/hrs or you get a $25 credit towards your account. WRONG! Read what I wrote.... they only have to RESPOND to your request NOT FIX. So basically all they have to do is walk into your apartment and tell you they are aware of the situation and then take as long as they want to fix it which could be weeks. Regarding your work orders ever being taken care of, they normally take days to fix because the property has no budget to pay for anything including repairs to your work orders

There are none! The hot tubs don\'t work and aren\'t getting fixed, they plan on filling them in with concrete. There are two pools both of which are constantly covered in leaves so you\'re always swimming in the branches and leaves and whatever bugs fall from the trees. Maintenance does a good job of trying to keep them clean but give it up... clean in the morning, covered in leaves by the afternoon. There is only ONE laundry facility for all 460 units. There are 4 washers & 4 dryers and they dryers are always broken and the washing machine card readers never work. The fitness center is a JOKE! The two treadmills they they do have, haven\'t worked in months, and the free weights are almost all gone because they were stolen. The pins are always missing from the cable machines and the one elliptical they have is on its last leg. The fitness center is small enough for a 100 unit property not a 460 unit property, same goes for the laundry facility. No dog park, no basketball court, no volleyball court, no community events, nada!

The prices for these apartments are ridiculous for what you get and even if it is a good price you get what you pay for and will pay more in the long run for your pain and suffering. If your renewal goes up which it will they could care less if you stay because they make more by you leaving and someone new moving in. So don\'t think that they will care if you go. Deposits that you paid will take anywhere from 60-90 days to get refunded..

I rented from spring '10 through winter '11.

I paid monthly rent of $750 during fall/winter.

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