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My car was stolen from the "gated parking". There is really no gate because it has no door to the gate, it is just open. Entry to the parking lot is not controlled, and thus it has become a hotspot for car theives in midtown. After my car was stolen here I spoke with other tenants about my problem only to discover that many others had theirs stolen here also. When I told the manager, she said that it was the first time it had ever happened, which was categorically false according to the police officers I filed the police report with. I asked her to turn over surveilance video that was recorded of the incident. She was very defensive and ultimately refused to even let me view it. I promised that I would write this review as a result of the way that I was treated, and to ensure that the way things were handled was known to others.

On a separate issue (which I probably would not have taken the time to write a review about unless I had a larger issue): The roaches here are a very big problem. There are roaches on all floors and they have been spraying for them every season for years, only to have them reappear again, and again. It is a serious infestation that is completely repulsive. Be careful and do your homework. I did not know before moving in, but this place has a well-deserved reputation for roaches. Bottom-line ... You can do much better.

I rented from winter '06 through spring '08.

I paid monthly rent of $600 during fall/winter for a studio

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